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Plugin overview#back to top

Ultimate Post Review plugin allow you to add product, services or any other reviews to your posts (only for posts where you need it or for all posts). Review may have summary information, negatives and positives lists, unlimited criterias rated with % individually, total overall rating (counts automatically from criterias) and purchase/learn more button with any custom (for ex. affiliate) link and custom text. You can set ascent color for every review separately. Additionally you can display total review % rating for your posts with reviews in any posts listings, in any custom position (for example on post thumbnail in a corner).

Post review block display example (Single post page):

Post review badge display example (Blog listing page, Widgets, etc):

Plugin installation#back to top

Unzip ZIP file that you download after purchase on CodeCanyon. The following files and folders will be in the unzipped file:

  • ultimate-post-review.zip (Packed plugin file for install)
  • ultimate-post-review folder - plugin for manual FTP upload
  • Documentation (This file)

Plugin can be uploaded in two ways:

  • FTP upload: Using your FTP program, upload the non-zipped ultimate-post-review folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your server.
  • WordPress upload: Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload plugin. Go to browse, and select the zipped ultimate-post-review.zip file. Hit Install and the plugin will be uploaded and installed.

Once the plugin is uploaded, you need to activate it.

This plugin use CMB2 plugin for Review custom fields added to Posts, this plugin required for Ultimate Post Review plugin work.

You must install and activate CMB2 plugin:

Plugin configuration#back to top

You can manage plugin settings in Settings > Ultimate Post Review in WordPress dashboard.

On plugin settings page you can enable automatical review block display on Single post page (if you don't want to place it manually in theme templates code), add review rating badge to theme post thumbnails in posts listings (you can do this manually in theme code too) and change plugin styles.

Adding review to post #back to top

To add review to your existing or new post you need to edit your post and scroll down page to see Post review metabox with all settings (it's located below post content editor area):

In Post review metabox you can enable review block display for this particular post and add your data for all fields.

You can add unlimited review criterias by using Add review criteria button for your post. Total post review rating in % will be calculated automatically based on your criterias ratings:

Custom elements positions #back to top

You can enable automatic review block and review badge positions in plugin settings as was described before in this documentation. However automatic elements positions will not work good in complex themes that changed WordPress templates and functions a lot, or does not use default WordPress functions and hooks. If you see that automatic positions does not work well on your site or you want to place elements in custom positions you can place all elements manually in theme template files.

NOTICE: We recommend to contact your theme support for help what theme files you need to edit and where you should add our code to not break your theme and get our plugin elements displayed on your desired positions.

Adding post review block to custom position:

  1. Disable automatic review block position in Settings > Ultimate Post Review.
  2. Add code <?php ultimate_post_review_display_post_review_block(); ?> to your theme single.php template file where you want to display post review block (or other template file used in your theme for single post display).
    Add [post_review_block] shortcode in your post content if you want to place post review block somewhere inside your post content.
  3. You may need to add some Custom CSS styles to make block displayed nice depending on your theme (for example add bottom/top margins, etc). Please read this help guide about using Custom CSS and feel free to contact our support if you will have any questions.

Adding post review rating badge to custom position:

  1. Disable automatic review rating badge position in Settings > Ultimate Post Review.
  2. Add code <?php ultimate_post_review_display_post_review_badge(); ?> to your theme content.php template file where you want to display post review rating badge (or other template file used in your theme for blog posts loops).
    Add [post_review_badge] shortcode in your post content if you want to place post rating badge somewhere inside your post content.
  3. You may need to add some Custom CSS styles to make badge displayed nice depending on your theme (for example change it's absolute top/left/right/bottom positions, box size, font-size, etc). Please read this help guide about using Custom CSS and feel free to contact our support if you will have any questions.

Update plugin#back to top

  1. Download latest plugin version from Downloads section in your Codecanyon account.
  2. Go to Plugins section in your WordPress Dashboard and remove Ultimate Post Review plugin. Don't worry - this action will not remove your existing post reviews data or plugin settings.
  3. Upload new plugin version that you downloaded via Plugins > Add new > Upload ZIP.
  4. Activate your plugin. Now it's updated!

Always backup your website before updating plugins.

Support#back to top

We offer plugin support and lifetime updates for all our items.

If you have support questions about this theme you should:

  1. Check WordPress section in our FAQ page.
  2. If you don't find answer submit support question in our support system.
We offer support in ticket system only - https://support.magniumthemes.com/